Electric Scented Wax Warmers and Fragrant No-Mess Tarts

It’s your space, personalize it with tantalizing aromas to entice your senses. Try our premium collection of Wax Tarts and Electric Plugin or Tabletop Scented Candle Wax Warmers to create ambiance in any room. For added functionality such as a three-stage heating option for essential oils, wax, or resins like our long-lasting No-Mess Tarts™ (that lasts 4 times longer than wax) try the ScenTrio Electric Wax Warmer with Timer.

On the decorative side, enjoy the exotic mosaic glass that gently glows blue, green, or multi-color with the Plugables Fragrance Vase.

What’s Inside this Article?

Why You Should Switch to Wax Warmers With Timers

Wax warmers have become one of the top 2020 home accessories, purchased as a pleasing aesthetic or to paint the home with a delightful fragrance.

But how do they compare with conventional wax and wicker candles? Is it worth making the switch? Keep reading to find out!

What are wax warmers with timers?

Wax warmers with timers are electric warmers that give you the ability to manipulate the robustness of fragrances through multiple power and timer settings such as the ScenTrio Wax Tart Warmer, therefore also allowing you to extend the lifespan of your wax melts. They are used with wax melts, no-mess tarts, and, depending on the brand, essential oils.

They come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so you can purchase one that matches your room’s theme, and is the perfect gift idea. Grab a tabletop warmer for your office desk and a pluggable one for your bedroom.

Are wax warmers safe?

Because they don’t require open flames, they are much safer to use, especially if you live with kids or pets. You can safely set your wax warmer to run for four to 12 hours during the day, or continuously at night without worry.

While wax warmers are free of fire, they still emit heat and are hot to the touch. Avoid contact with the unit while it is plugged in. Choose wax melts with clean ingredients, refer to ingredients lists or customer reviews for any toxic ingredients you might want to avoid.

How long do wax melts last with wax warmers?

How long a wax melt will last depends on how high the setting is and how frequently you use them. In general, wax warmers perform far more efficiently than your traditional wax and wicker candles as they melt more slowly without sacrificing the strength of the scent.

By design, wax melts are able to emit strong scents even on low settings. Wax melts can last you approximately two weeks given they are used in a low setting continuously. You’ll grow tired of your fragrance before you’re due for a new one. And if you’re looking for something even stronger with longer-lasting scent without the mess, try our No-Mess Tarts™ (which are Wax Melt Alternatives) without the mess.

Can you use essential oils with wax warmers?

Not all wax warmers are compatible with essential oils. While there are brands that offer compatible warmers, most cannot diffuse essential oils (since they lack the ability to control the heat or intensity. Only use them with your wax warmers if it specifically specifies that you can do so.

Are wax warmers easy to care for?

Yes, they are easy to care for. In fact, they are cleaner and easier to care for than wax candles. Because wax melts do not melt on low heat, you won’t have to deal with the sticky residue afterward.

Once the scent of your wax melt has dissipated, simply toss it out and replace it with new ones. Be reminded to unplug the unit and allow it to cool before you handle it.

Where can I buy wax warmers?

Because of their popularity, you can buy wax warmers everywhere (especially here at the Gift of Scent). You can skip the store queues and shop electric wax warmers with timers online where you’ll find much more variety. Search online for the best price and scour for an in-depth customer review for product quality, customer support, and after-sales service.

Purchase your wax warmer and a handful of wax melts to maximize your shipping cost.

The Verdict: Wax Warmers Are A Great Value For Your Money

It’s a no-brainer. There’s no downside to wax warmers. Take into account that wax warmers are a one-time purchase and cost just about as much as your favorite premium candle. Wax melts cost a fraction of a large size candle and will last you weeks before they’re due for replacement.

You can enjoy a refreshing fragrance in the comfort and privacy of our own home or office.

Get on board this 2021 home trend and order your warmer today!