Sure, You COULD Drive Without Power Fresh®, but WHY Would You?

Experience the Fresh Crisp Fragrance of rich herbal Speedway Aroma or zesty sweet Citrus Sky while you drive.

Freshen the air in your car, relieve stress, and combat odors for weeks with the PowerFresh® 12V Car Diffuser. Its ergonomic, patent-pending design is like nothing else in auto fragrance diffusion!

The push-button power switch with an LED indicator makes it easy to tell when you’re diffusing. With auto shut-off after 1 hour with push-button reset, you can extend the life of your favorite Scent Bar. You’ll love the spicy, herbal fragrance of Speedway and the energizing, fresh fragrance of Citrus Sky Scent Bars. Both scents are smooth, confident, and serene.

The PowerFresh® 12V Car Diffuser’s environmentally friendly green technology ensures your diffuser will give you years of fragrance diffusion. It is safe, cordless, and easy to use. The PowerFresh® 12V Car Diffuser makes the perfect gift for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle!