Electric Home Fragrancers and Diffusers

The Gift of Scent has sourced the best electric diffusers and wax warmers from various suppliers to ensure your world is more fragrant.

Below are selections from the Belle Aroma® Plugables® Line (the Medallion Series) which features an electric scent warmer that diffuses fragrant oils that last 30 days when snapped into the heater; and the Plugables Vase (which can be used with essential oils, aroma oils, or wax tarts). 

If you’re looking for aromatherapy diffusers, then check out the FlashScent® USB Diffuser or our selection of Ultrasonic Diffusers.

The aromatic substances found in plants are known as its essence. These essences are combinations of various alcohols, hydrocarbons, phenols, aldehydes, esters, and ketones that occur naturally in the plant.

Why Plugables® is the Perfect Scent Diffuser?

You’ve finally decided to explore the wonderfully fragrant world of scent diffusers but immediately found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of types to choose from—what do you do?

Do you simply drive to a store, randomly pick one up and just hope for the best? Or should you just wait for someone to buy you one as a gift so you can put the blame on them if things do not work out?

Well, the good news is that there is really no reason to stress over this because now you can use the Gift of Scent to shop conveniently for aroma diffusers and scented oil diffusers.

To help with finding the right scent diffuser, we’ve created a cheat sheet for you that should make the whole decision-making process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

How does a scent diffuser work?

A scent diffuser works by taking fragrance from scented liquids or essential oils and then dispersing them into a room. The aroma usually comes in the form of scent particles, fine mists or vapor depending on the specific dispersion mechanism.

Reed diffusers, for instance, use wooden sticks like bamboo or rattan dipped in essential oils to spread fragrances in an area. Ultrasonic diffusers, on the other hand use vibration to extract the aroma from a mixture of water and scented oils and release it into an area in the form of a very fine mist.

Another popular option are nebulizers, which, unlike ultrasonics, do not require any water to operate and, instead of dispersing aromas as a mist, do so using vapor.

There are also products that use heat to melt scented wax known as wax melts or wax tarts and we have our own innovation called no-melt tarts which last 4 times longer than wax warmers to provide long-lasting fragrance.

Our featured brand of scented oil diffusers is called Plugables®, which, as the name suggests is an electric home fragrancer that plugs into any 120V wall socket to warm and release delightful scents over a 30-day period.

How do I use a fragrance diffuser?

The way you use a fragrance diffuser would ultimately depend on the specific type you have. As a general rule, however, as long as you follow the instructions that came with your unit and refrain from using substances that it’s not designed to handle, then you won’t have any problems.

For Plugables®, you simply insert a fresh bottle of scented oil into the unit by snapping the bottle firmly in place, and then plug the device into a wall socket.

Needless to say, maintenance also depends on the type of diffuser you’re using—except for Plugables®, which doesn’t require any maintenance (or special accessories) aside from replacing the bottle after 30 days or if you want to enjoy another scent+-.

What is the best type of diffuser?

The best type of diffuser is the one that suits your needs—and you can determine this by focusing on three simple things: how powerful the unit is, ease of use, and how much maintenance it requires to run properly.

Reed-type products have a pretty modest range in terms of scent dispersal and require you to constantly turn the sticks over and clean the vessel.

Ultrasonics and nebulizers, on the other hand, generally have the biggest maximum range, but they, too, require regular thorough cleaning.

Also, since nebulizers don’t use any water, they tend to go through your essential oils rather quickly, making them the most expensive option in the bunch.

Heat-type units typically fall in between reeds, ultrasonics and nebulizers in terms of range.

Cleaning them, however, tends to be a bit trickier because you’ll have to regularly deal with melted wax unless you use our no-melt tarts instead of wax tarts.

Finally, Plugables® are strong enough to fill an average sized room and, again, don’t require any form maintenance.

So, which one should I choose?

Considering everything we have seen so far, Plugables® provide the best strength-to-ease-of-maintenance ratio.

It is generally strong enough to fill a regular-sized room but does not require nearly as much maintenance as reed-type, ultrasonic, nebulizer and heat-type alternatives. And, since brands like Bella Aroma™, for instance, usually take up to an entire month to go through a single bottle of fragrance, you don’t really have to go shopping for new bottles as often.

This, of course, can help you save a lot of money in the long run because you don’t have to pay as much for shipping or spend money commuting to an actual store.

But what if you needed something to cover a much bigger space? Well, Plugables® are actually affordable enough that you can simply get a second or third one to cover every corner of your home.

And, since they typically come in a tiny package, you will never have to worry about them taking up too much space. In fact, if most of the wall sockets in your home are hidden from plain sight, then your guests won’t even know that you’re using Plugables® to freshen the place up.

No matter how you look at it, Plugables® are simply hard to beat in terms of overall value for money. At the end of the day, if you’re new to the whole thing and want something that you can just set and forget, then Plugables® are clearly the best place to start.

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