The Perfect Gift Set #1


2) Embroidered Lavender & Chrysanthemum Sleep Masks
1) Sonoma Lavender Butterfly & Bar Soap
1) Heartland Fragrance – Sweet Lavender Exfoliating Loofa Soap
1) Ginger – (Orange and Jasmine 8 oz.) Southern Sass Sugar Scrub
1) Crème Brulee Allure Wax Melts
1) Pomegranate Fig Allure Wax Melts
1) Blue Mosaic Plugables® Fragrance Vase Wax Warmer
1) I Am Peaceful Salt Soak (from Sage and Honey)

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Nothing says I love you more than scent. A leading neurologist in America explains “of all the senses, smell has the greatest impact on human emotions.” Smell receptors in the nostrils are directly linked to the limbic system. Smell is the only sense that bypasses mental judgement and interpretation and goes straight to the center of emotions. This makes smell the most effective way to influence emotion.

Leave a lasting impression on your loved one for months while they enjoy the lavish scents from this gift basket.