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3 Things You Should Know About Reed Diffusers

Are reed diffusers right for you? Or should you just stick with scented candles? That’s exactly what we’re here to find out.

Read on to learn the top three things you need to know before making the switch!

How do reed diffusers work?

Reed diffusers work by having wooden sticks absorb fragrance oils—normally contained in bottles and other similar vessels—and then using them to disperse a steady stream of scents into the air.

The whole assembly—if you can even call it that—is quite simple. It comes with just two components: wooden reeds typically made with rattan or bamboo and a vessel to put your scented essential oils, such as lavender, orange and vanilla, in.

To use one, all you have to do is pour a bit of fragrance oil into the vessel, dip one end of your wooden sticks in, let the oil get absorbed and then flip the sticks so the wet part is exposed. Simply flip them again when the scent starts wearing off. Use more sticks if you want a stronger scent.

Are reed diffusers safer than candles?

Yes, reed diffusers are safer than candles mainly because they don’t require an open flame to work. This means there’s no risk of anything in your home accidentally catching on fire when you use them.

Think about it. Would you ever leave a candle burning overnight while you sleep (or all day while you’re out)? Probably not, right? Well, once you set your reed diffuser up, you can just forget about it. The worse that could happen that the fragrances will wear off.

But this is not the only aspect in which reed diffusers are the safer option. The paraffin wax used in commercially available scented candles is known to contain potential carcinogens that get released into the air during combustion. Seems like a pretty steep price to pay just to make your room smell better, doesn’t it?

How long do reed diffusers last?

Reed diffusers last anywhere between three and four months on average, but it would still ultimately depend on how often you use them and the frequency at which you turn your reeds.

Other factors that can affect your diffuser’s longevity include humidity levels, temperature changes and the length of each diffusing session.

Experts suggest not doing more than 60 minutes at a time if you wish to prolong the life of both your fragrance oils and reeds. Also, if you’re going to leave the room (or house), it’s best to just pull out the reeds, set them aside and simply resume your session once you get back.

Don’t worry, though, if you end up going through your oil and reeds sooner than you want. Reed diffusers are generally quite affordable anyway. In fact, a brand new set from a reputable brand like Sonoma only costs around $30.

Reed diffusers: the better choice

The bottom line is that reed diffusers are truly a worthwhile alternative to scented candles. They’re not only safer, but they also last way longer, ultimately offering an overall better value for your money.