Morocan Lantern Premium Plugables® Electric Home Fragrancer


Premium Plugables is Belle Aromas premier line of decorative electric home fragrancers. designed for decorative appeal and maximum fragrance throw. Just align the wick and snap-in Plugables® Fragrance oil to enjoy 30-days of long-lasting aroma.

For use with all the Plugables® scented oil refills, just insert the fragrance of choice and enjoy 30 days of delightful aroma.

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Are you wondering what a bath would be like with Wild Flowers swirling in the air? What about you, your couch. Lavender Fields, a coffee and a book? Would the entryway be more inviting in Fresh Cut Melon or Island Spice? It’s inevitable. You’ll just have try them all.

Following the shoreline, a glimpse of grace, arching gray white and platinum in the moonlight. Mother and child, racing and playful, flowing in tenderness with the soft silver waves. This Premium Plugable® will provide long-lasting fragrance and a vision of the sea.


Product Features:

  • A rotating plug for both upright & sideways outlets
  • Intricate craftsmanship and unique designs
  • Comes in a variety of colors & finishes
  • UL listed & approved