Arctic Wolf Premium Plugables® Home Fragrancer


Electric Home Fragrancer

Premium Plugables is Belle Aromas premier line of decorative electric home fragrancers. designed for decorative appeal and maximum fragrance throw. Just align the wick and snap-in Plugables® Fragrance oil to enjoy 30-days of long-lasting aroma.

For use with all the Plugables® scented oil refills, just insert the fragrance of choice and enjoy 30 days of delightful aroma.

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Are you wondering what a bath would be like with Wild Flowers swirling in the air? What about you, your couch. Lavender Fields, a coffee and a book? Would the entryway be more inviting in Fresh Cut Melon or Island Spice? It’s inevitable. You’ll just have try them all.

Ladies, whether the fox is your totem spirit animal or if you’re just looking for the perfect gift for him to freshen up the man cave, this Premium Plugable® will add long-lasting ambiance to relax to.


Product Features:

  • A rotating plug for both upright & sideways outlets
  • Intricate craftsmanship and unique designs
  • Comes in a variety of colors & finishes
  • UL listed & approved