Frosted Sandstone w/ Copper Arrows Plugables® Electric Scented Oil Diffuser


More aromatic than a vase of flowers… Safer than a burning candle….

For use with all the Plugables® scented oil refills, just insert the fragrance of choice and enjoy 30 days of delightful aroma.

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Three Arrows crossed, the strength of many working together is greater than the strength of one. You can feel the power of the symbol just looking at it. This Plugables® fragrance diffuser will provide long-lasting fragrance and true friends.

The modern, wall-hugging design of the Plugables® Electric Diffuser is UL approved for safety. Available in neutral Classic and popular Seasonal colors to enhance most any decor. Iconic medallions and perfume-style bottles add visual impact. Oils are formulated to deliver consistent fragrance for a minimum of 30 days.


Product Features:

  • A rotating plug for both upright and sideways outlets.
  • UL listed and approved for safety.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Designs