You are Classic Home Fragrance Starter Kit


Here’s what is in your Classic Home Fragrance Starter Kit:

  • The Cherry Blossoms Premium Plugables® Home Fragrancer with Wild Flowers Fragrance Oil will have you thinking you’re in a flower shop!
    The wild flowers fragrance oil is the perfect home fragrance to match your Classic Style.
  • The Freesia Aromables Portable Air Freshener is a reusable vent clip air freshener that makes it easy to take your signature Classicfragrance with you wherever your roam, so you arrive refreshed and happy.
    The Freesia fragrance smells sweet with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and almond oil.
  • The Sparkle Not Sweat™ Power Fresh® Portable Air Freshener is perfect for cars, trunks, gym bags, lockers, sneakers, closets, you name it! Loaded with scent for weeks of no-muss, no-fuss freshness, the Sparkle Not Sweat Power Fresh® air freshener adds your signature fruity-floral fragrance to any personal item or small space.


Be Classic in every way this year with the Classic Home Fragrance Starter Kit from The Gift of Scent.

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You’re Classic. Match your home fragrance products to your Classic style. You have a subtle elegance. You’re vintage. You have poise. You belong in the 1950s and 60s. Your signature aromas are classic.