Spring Bamboo Fun Fresheners


Make a statement with Aeron Drive Time Fun Fresheners™ hanging sachet cards. The perfect way to freshen your vehicle and other small spaces.
It wasn’t easy to get just the right aromas for our all-new Drive Time Fun Fresheners™. Like Goldilocks, we discarded some that were too strong, while others weren’t strong enough, or didn’t last long enough.

The four we chose have just the right balance – combining evocative floral notes with nature-inspired freshness. Give them a try–Cottony Fresh™, Rose Blush™, Spring Bamboo and Flower Orchard.

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We did get a little carried away with the graphics – but after all, there’s no reason your hanging air freshener has to look like everyone else’s. It should say something about you, where you’re headed. We chose Pineapple Drink to inspire Caribbean dreams, and Eiffel Tower because, you know… Paris. Rainbow Emojis are just fun, and then there’s our Pink Flamingo, because who doesn’t like flamingos? Or pink?

Designed by millennials for… everyone! Check back for new designs regularly. We’d love to hear from you – what image would you like to have on your Fun Freshener?

Heavy card stock imprinted with fun and flirty designs measure 4.25 inches in length and 2.25 inches in width.

Hanging string goes easily around vehicle’s center rearview mirror.
Barrier bag protects freshness of scent until ready to use.

Safe to dispose; accepted in some recycling centers.