Branch ScenTrio® Warmer for use with Wax or No-Melt Tarts ™


Product Features:

  • 3 Power Levels–Low for No-Melt Tarts. Medium for wax. High for oils
  • Three Way Timer: select either 4. 8, or 12 hours. Plus. There is a continuous power mode.
  • Long-lasting halogen light with dimmer 120 Volt

For use with all No-Melt tarts, essential oils, and wax tarts, just follow the directions for the fragrance method of choice and enjoy the delightful aroma.

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Isn’t it time for a truly innovative scent warmer?

The ScenTrio’s versatility and refined aesthetic makes for a top-of the line addition to your scent warmer offering. Whether the user prefers wax melts, fragrance oils, essential oils, or the easiest, most effective of all – the Belle Aroma No-Melt Tarts. It’s the perfect multi-purpose solution.

We added versatility with a “trio” of heating levels – low for Belle Aroma’s No-Melt Tarts'” and low-temperature wax, medium for wax melts, and high for oils.

Second, we added a cycle timer so the user can control the fragrance level in the room and extend the life of the scent bad.

Finally, we offer pierced metal and wire mesh sleeves over ceramic for a modern take on tradition, packaged in a natural craft box for gifting appeal.

Silver branches crossing in a pale ivory sky. Mosaics of platinum lace over a white marble moon. Hematite and alabaster. Pewter and pearl. Labyrinths of light and twilight. The shades of enchantment.