Festive Pine Scented Holiday Ornament


Look, look, your very own Christmas tree complete with sparkles. It has the perfect Festive Pine scent too; the very essence of Christmas. You wait all year for just that smell and the memories and hopes it carries with it. It’s like having Father Christmas himself come to stay with you; and with him are the memories of presents and pajamas, and tiny white lights blinking in the cozy dark and the odd wonderful waiting and of Christmas. Remember the twinkle. Remember the smell.

Add a fragrant atmosphere to your holiday gathering by hanging Scented Holiday Ornaments on your tree, wreath, or wherever else you want more holiday cheer. Artificial trees are so convenient. But they lack the ambience of the real thing, so hang a couple of these Festive Pine scented ornaments on a branch and no one can tell the difference.


Product Features:

  • 3 festive holiday fragrances
  • Elastic band for easy attachment
  • Fragrance will last throughout the holiday season
  • Decorative resin infused with sparkle & Festive Pine scent