Fleur Medallion Rose Quartz ScentSlides™ Unplugged Portable Air Freshener


Not your ordinary car air freshener – Belle Aroma Medallion ScentSlides Unplugged is designed to give you the impact of an electric fragrancer in any small space – car, closets, cubicle, locker, etc. -without the plug. For the car, choose visor clip from stock, vent clip by special order, or self-standing for small rooms. For larger areas, clip to the grill of a fan to increase fragrance throw.

Belle Aroma Fragrance Wafer™ Refills for ScentSlides™ sold separately view complete collection Here.

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But I never met a Rose. Gilded with lilies and scented with whatever fragrance pleases you. Perhaps the trouble is, who knows, that you never met a rose. Never ever met a rose. This your chance, time is fleeting. Gather ye Roses while you may.

Simple to use – just open the front decorative slide and insert the fragrance wafer or essential oil pad snugly into the base. With pads, add a minimum of 10 drops of essential oil. Comes in a variety of designs, or let us make one just for you’ The fragrance wafer ventilation pattern provides maximum fragrance throw. Device can be used indefinitely- -just replace the Fragrance Wafer'” or Essential Oil Pad as needed.


Product Features:

  • Passive air freshener goes anywhere car, closet, bathroom and other small spaces.
  • Use with Fragrance Wafers – the mess-free, easy-to-change scent load or Essential Oil pads with Belle Aroma or your own essential oils
  • Comes with visor clip, vent clip available by special order
  • Core and Seasonal stock colors and medallion designs allow simple set refreshes, quick replenishment