Arrows Plugables ScentSlide® Electric Scent Diffuser


There is no other fragrance device quite like it. Advanced heating technology perfectly controls the inner temperature. The front grill slides open for easy installation of the fragrance load – which can be our unique scented resin fragrance wafers, or essential oils on a felt pad.

On-off switch means the user has full control without having to unplug the device and the low-profile makes it safe to plugin in almost anywhere.

Belle Aroma Fragrance Wafer™ Refills for ScentSlides® sold separately view complete collection here, this Plugable ScentSlide comes with one Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Wafer and can also be used with Felt Pads for use with Essential Oils.

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Product Features:

  • A rotating plug for both upright and sideways outlets.
  • On/Off- switch
  • Powered by 120V outlet
  • For use with Belle Aroma Wafers and essential oil pads
  • LED Nightlight
  • Packaged with 1 Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Wafer. Additional Fragrance Wafers and Essential Oil pads sold separately. Each wafer lasts for weeks
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