Sweet French Lavender No-Mess Tarts™ for Scented Wax Warmers


Your Provence country estate awaits. Open the French doors to your veranda overlooking the fields of lavender and breathe in the deep calm.

For use in Scentrio and all scented wax warmer fragrancers that use wax tarts. Use the lowest setting for a long lasting and delicious aromatic experience. View our selection of wax melts.

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We do wax melts one time better, three times actually. The Belle Aroma No-Melt Tart® require less heat (safer), last 3 -4 times longer (fewer refills) and provide more consistent fragrance release, plus they do not melt when used on low-heat settings making clean-up a breeze. Choose from many stock fragrances such as Vanilla Bourbon, Sweet French Lavender and Moonlight Citrus and many more.


Product Features:

  • Require less heat for increased safety
  • Last 3-4 times longer than traditional wax cubes so you won’t have to refill them as often!
  • Vented shape provides more consistent fragrance release
  • Won’t melt when used on low-heat settings. making refill and clean-up a breeze
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances

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