Exotic Teak Fragrance Wafers™ – ScentSlide™ and Wax Warmer Refills


Exotic Teak: You have tasted this place. This is the night wood, in the district of dreams – with trees as tall as Jupiter – from a country on the far side of the seventh planet from the second star in the the belt of Orion.

ScentSlide™ Unplugged Portable Fragrancer Refill

Exotic teak Fragrance Wafer is made from a specially formulated EVA that is engineered to hold the highest percentage of fragrance in the market. It is also specifically designed with a ventilation pattern that provides the maximum fragrance throw. When the fragrance starts to wane just toss the wafer in the recycling bin and slide another into your ScentSlide™ Unplugged.

For use with ScentSlides and Plugables Scentslide™

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