Apple Orchard Fragrance Wafers™ – ScentSlide™ and Wax Warmer Refills


Barefoot indian summer sunshine. Sticky with the essence of it. Indescribable are the mysteries of the apple, laden with memories but new as a child. Take a bite, Eve would.

For use with ScentSlides and Plugables Scentslide™

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Belle Aroma’s Fragrance Wafers’” are made from a specially formulated EVA resin that is engineered to hold the highest percentage of fragrance in the market. It is also specifically designed with a ventilation pattern that provides maximum fragrance throw. When the fragrance starts to wane, just toss the wafer in the recycling bin and slide another into your ScentSlides Unplugged’” or Plugables® Scentslide.

If you prefer natural oils, ScentSlides Unplugged’” and Plugables® Scentslide can be used with a neutral aroma pad (Essential Oil Refill Pads) to diffuse all-natural pure essential oils.

Product Features:

  • Fragrance Wafers sold as 2-pack sealed separately to keep refills fresh
  • Perfect scent Load for Belle Aroma ScentSlides’” or Plugables® ScentSLide
  • Use in place of wax in Low-temp warmers safe, no-mess construction
  • Pleasant scent throw- Lasts for weeks
  • Can be used with essential oils (blank refill pads sold as 5-pack)

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