VersaScent® Lantern in Verdigris


A lamp of burnished copper laden with incense lights your way to a golden pagoda. The dampened cobblestones glisten for a moment as you pass. A magic lantern for all the stories to come.

For use with all No-Mess Tarts™, wax tarts and essential oils, just follow the directions for the fragrance method of choice and enjoy the delightful aroma.

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VersaScent® All-Fragrance Warmer

Welcome family and friends with gorgeous fragrance and illumination in old-world charm with the VersaScent® All-Fragrance Warmer. Its unique intensity control allows you to diffuse all essential and fragrance oils, waxes, resins and tarts. Versatile timer settings can be always-on for continuous fragrance release or set timer for 4, 8 or 12 hours of operation, all with three levels of warming intensity to set the perfect ambience for your home.

Available in aged aqua verdigris or rustic rubbed bronze.