Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan


Aromatherapy is only effective with the consistent use of essential oils, but refilling diffusers is such a pain… But with the new Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan, Aromatherapy is a breeze!

Diffusing essential oils throughout your home has never been safer and more effective. The Essential Breeze® Aromatherapy Fan gently diffuses essential oils with no heat. The gravity-fed wicking design eliminates daily refills by using the entire bottle of oil instead of just a few drops at a time. There’s no heat to break down the essential oil particles—and no messy water either!

The patented fan is quiet, so you can set it and forget it but never be without the benefits of aromatherapy. With two timing settings to adjust for how much or little scent you need for your space, you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy for two weeks or more without resetting or refilling your Essential Breeze®.

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  • Package includes: instruction insert, 4-absorbent pads, 1 pad holder, and 1 USB cable
  • Powerful Heat-Free Diffusion – Just Set it and Forget it!
  • With the gravity-fed wicking design, the Essential Breeze aromatherapy fan uses no water and no heat to release your choice of essential oil fragrance for a week or more. You don’t have to refill or adjust in any way!
  • Plug into a USB port using the USB cord (included) or use 4 AA batteries. It’s your choice.
  • Comes with 4-absorbent pads to use when changing essential oils