Campfire Nights™ Truck Puck Automobile Air Fresheners


Let’s face it. The things we do on the road…well, can get a little “ripe.” But for those who want to arrive refreshed after the long haul, life just got better. Always scent loaded and ready to go, Truck Puck saves the day!

With no muss, no fuss. Never leaks, lasts for weeks.
Just place it where you want it and go. Cubbies, cup holders, under the seat, in cargo areas.
They fit anywhere. Great for cars and other small spaces too!

  • Campfire Nights™ -the smoky richness of ozonic musk
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Truck Puck® air fresheners are pre-loaded with fabulous scents and ready to go.

Each puck is 2.4 inches in diameter and .05-inch-thick, made of injected plastic in tire-tread black.

The encased fragrance disks are designed for maximum air flow and fragrance release in brightly colored scented resins that contrast with the silhouette designs.

Clam -shell scent barrier packaging keeps fragrance intact until opened.
Truck Pucks air fresheners can be used anywhere fragrance is desired.

Choose from our fragraces:

  • Watermint—the freshness of bright chilly mint
  • High Range Cedar™ -upland pine and balsam scents
  • Tillin’ and Chillin’™ –warm leather and amber spice with TMM® odor neutralizing technology
  • Campfire Nights™ -the smoky richness of ozonic musk
  • Citrus Sky™ -creamy lemon vanilla