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Bumper to bumper traffic, getting cut off, missing your turn – these are just a few of the stressful events that can frazzle your nerves while driving. Don’t let your blood pressure go soaring through the roof. Plug in the soothing scents of Aromatherapy with the Drive Time® Diffuser from AERON

The AERON Drive Time® Power Car Fragrancer utilizes the science of aromatherapy allowing you to create a refreshing, uplifting, or stress-relieving environment while you drive.

Universally appealing, essential oils can be used to feel more alert, relaxed, or rid your environment of unpleasant odors through the natural antiseptic properties of essential oils.

Color Options:

The Diffuser is offered in either gunmetal gray,  pearly red, or glittering blue finish to complement the interior of your automobile.

The AERON Power Car Fragrancer places the luxury of scent selection at your fingertips. Simply plug the unit into the lighter, insert a sachet or place a few drops of your favorite aroma oil on the pad and within minutes the diffuser actively heats the essential oils to diffuse the entire cabin.

The unit is so easy to use, within seconds you can change the scent or directly control the intensity of the aroma in your automobile. Each sachet is packed with over 40 active hours of driving time.

The diffuser can be used to alleviate pet, cigarette odors, and musty smelling interiors or on a lighter note reduce stress through the soothing benefits of aromatherapy. No matter what the reason, the bottom line is you’ll enjoy a cleaner, fresher smelling car with AERON (pronouced like air-on).